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The Lemi Shine 1-2 Punch


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The Lemi Shine 1-2 Punch keeps dishes and glassware shining while increaseing the performance and life of automatic dishwashers. This package includes the detergent and liquid rinse aid.

•Cleans and deodorizes your dishwasher
•Provides a linke-new shine every time!
•Use with the Pelican Natursoft for crystal clear glasses and spot free dishes
•Made with all natural ingredients
•Does not contain phosphates
•Package is completely recyclable
Lemi Shine Rinse: The finishing touch for sparkling dishes and glassware.

•Final rinse agent for all dishes and glassware
•Spot-free rinse formula
•Helps remove spotting and haze on dishes and glassware
•Prevents etching
•Does not cause plastic-ware attack like some additives
•Made with all natural ingredients
•Does not contain phosphates
Use this with Lemi Shine Detergent or your favorite dishwasher detergent for a spot free rinse on all your dishes.

Using Lemi Shine Every Time

Fill the main wash receptacle of dishwasher with Lemi Shine and prewash receptacle with your favorite detergent. Its that simple!

It can even be used for more then just your dishwasher!

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

To Use: Add 1/4 cup of Lemi Shine and 1/4 cup of baking soda to your disposal, followed by 2 cups of water. This will foam up in the disposal cleaning and deodorizing those hard to reach areas. After the foam dissipates, run with water for 10 seconds to rinse. Repeat as necessary.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

To use: Flush toilet. Immediately following, sprinkle Lemi Shine around inner ring of toilet bowl. Allow Lemi Shine to dissolve for 30 minutes. Agitate stains with toilet brush. Flush toilet for rinse. Repeat as necessary.

Coffee Pot Cleaner

To Use: Fill coffee decanter with fresh water, add 4 Tablespoons of Lemi Shine and dissolve. Pour into coffee maker and “brew” as usual. After brewing cycle is complete, discard hot water and allow to cool. After cooling, refill decanter with clean water and “brew” for a rinse. Repeat once a month.

Caution: Not recommended for painted glassware, painted mugs, aluminum, enamel coated silverware or fine china. Do not use with non-stick coated cookware.

  • Model: LemiShine-LP
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  • Manufactured by: Pelican Water Systems

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